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Angel Investors, Venture Capital Groups, Investment Bankers, and Asset Managers.

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Private Foundations

Climate Change Missions, Program Related Investments, Research Grants, and Impact.

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State, Local, & Federal Agencies & Departments.

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Industrial Stakeholders

Manufacturers, Associations, Climate Organizations, and ESG Advocates.

Bridging intellectual and financial capital.

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6,361 Climate Tech Institutes & Departments within Academia

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Tech Transfer Offices often have

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Challenges from Resource and Staffing Limitations

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Need for expanded pathways to commercialization

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Need for expanded funding of climate technology & research

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Expand access to a more comprehensive pool of financiers and investors.

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Save time and avoid missed opportunities.

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PGC enhances TTO capabilities in the growing climate tech market.

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Investments into climate tech by venture capital groups in 2021

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Earlier discovery of advocates and financial partners from a comprehensive pool

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Access to centralized information on industry trends (ESG, CO2 abatement, VC activity, etc.)

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Commercialization reviews and lab-to-market mentoring by PGC experts

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Ability to scout under-accessed grants

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Early discovery of advocates and financial partners

Expert advisory on Foundations and Program Related Investments (PRIs)

Optimized market outreach tailored specifically for climate tech

Professional pitch deck preparation support

Commercialization review and lab-to-market mentoring

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Frequently asked questions

We provide our members of Tech Transfer Office’s with the latest industry news and trends, networking events, and publication opportunities for content in our Chronicle Section. On your member portal, you will be able to upload research and submit your work to be matched with relevant funding opportunities.

We perform basic checks to ensure that the content falls within the broad scope of Pure Green Cement’s platform (and you haven’t accidentally uploaded your favorite recipe or something that is totally unrelated!) but the grey literature or technical content is not validated or peer-reviewed by the Pure Green Cement team in any way.

One of the key tenants of PGC’s platform is complete confidentiality and intellectual property protection. PGC has implemented and will continue to maintain appropriate technical and organizational security measures for data protection and intellectual property protection. Please refer to our privacy policy for detailed guidelines.

If you have uploaded documents, please allow up to 2 weeks for new content to be added to the search pages.

Academic and Research membership is limited to applicable graduate programs and research centers. Membership allows multiple profiles of professors, researchers, and graduate students. For example, disciplines including but not limited to materials science, civil engineering, chemistry, biology, geography, geology, architecture, business administration, natural resource management, and sustainability are welcomed members.

Contact us! PGC is a dynamic and developing resource and we warmly welcome feedback and constructive criticism. If you have ideas and would like to make suggestions for how PGC can improve in future, please get in touch.